Floral Photography Tip – Depth of Field and Blurry Backgrounds (or Bokeh – which sounds way more fun!)

September 5, 2013By adminMy Blog

When I got my first Nikon way back in the 1990’s, I was obsessed with creating images with blurry backgrounds.  In fact, I think almost every photo I took back then had a blurry background — a look I still love.  I eventually realized that not every photo needed to be blurred.  But, I still … Read More

Floral Photography – Soft Light is Key

June 27, 2013By adminMy Blog 1 Comment

It’s pretty obvious – you need light to create photographs, so explaining light should be easy.  But, try googling ‘photography lighting’ and you get a mixed bag of advice and technical jargon.  It becomes confusing really quickly.  So, for my first photography tip, I’m going to stay low-tech and provide some simple tips for using … Read More