Gorgeous Dahlias — Divas of the Flower World.

October 16, 2014By adminMy Blog No Comments

They steal the show. It isn’t hard to understand why Dahlias are called the Divas of the flower world.  They’re vibrant, astonishingly beautiful blooms.     They don’t hold back. Today, I invite you to take a moment to look into the face of a Dahlia. Once a wound up ball, it unapologetically opens when … Read More

Dahlias: I think I’m in love.

September 12, 2013By adminMy Blog

I’m having a little fling with Dahlias this week.  Have they been hiding behind other flowers all summer or did this beauty just appear as summer winds down?  I’m not sure, but right now I’m entranced. Not knowing this flower well, I went to the library and did a little research.  (Yes, an actual physical … Read More