DSC_0449-copyrose1web2As an artist, I am involved in every step along the way.  That means, I am not only the photographer, but I also work with the digitized file to perfect the image.  I am also a printmaker* and a custom framer and the webmaster.  I’ve learned along the way that each step is an art, requiring craftsmanship. 

I could delegate any of these steps; however, my main concern is that my vision be carried through every step so that you receive a piece of art that is an expression of my personal vision, passion and inspiration.

I create the pieces using high quality materials that help express my inner vision to increase the chance that you might feel the magic I felt in the presence of the actual flower.

I follow the guidelines recommended by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) regarding digital photography best practices and workflow (www.dpbestflow.org):

  • The original file is captured in RAW format.  This ensures that the maximum amount of data is captured.
  • A non-destructive workflow is used during the image conversions and processing.  The raw file is converted into a digital negative (DNG) and processed in Lightroom and then in Photoshop.
  • A large color space is used.  I use ProPhotoRGB.
  • The master file is archived as a layered file.
  • The master files are backed-up and migrated to new media as required.

*For some larger pieces, I use a printing studio that I have carefully selected and work closely with.


Certificates of Authenticity

Your photograph includes a certificate of authenticity, with details specific to your piece of art.  It is signed and dated.