Last week I attended the The Philadelphia Flower Show, which ran March 1 to March 9.  This year’s theme, ARTiculture, where Art means horticulture, really tied the show together.  The installations were creative and on a grand scale.  And the floral design work, often an interpretation of a piece of art, was inspired.

I enjoyed the spectacular Entrance Garden.  Paintings and sculptures of, Philadelphia artist, Alexander Calder inspired this multidimensional flower exhibit.  Made of flowers, greens, glass and stone, the exhibit was as interesting up close as it was from a distance.


There were times when it felt like you were wandering through an enchanted forest.



The installations were feats in floral arrangement.



This photo doesn’t do this installation justice.  Vibrant orchids and ribbons contributed to the feminine and  soft feel of it.   Absolutely beautiful.



This hypothetical store window was a show-stopper.


The Gardener’s Studio invited gardening experts to share their wisdom.  It’s always a popular feature.  


Another popular feature of the show are the multiple booths than cover one end of the huge space.  As usual, many interesting artists and businesses that cater to us flower lovers.  

Enjoy a quick taste of spring with some white tulips and hyacinth.  The fragrance of all those hyacinth was absolutely heavently!

Congratulations to everyone for a wonderful 2014 show!


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