Markeim Art Center ‘Power of the Flower’ Exhibit in Haddonfield, NJ 2014

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This month I was in an exhibit in the Markeim Art Center here in Haddonfield, NJ.   It’s called the Power of The Flower … the whole show is flower art in different mediums.

Power of the Flower


This is only my second time exhibiting my work and going to an opening.  I was in the same show last year, and I was way more nervous last year.  I was still nervous this year, but not quite as much.  I spend so much time with all my photographs that suddenly it seems weird that other people are looking at them.  I feel very protective … they’re my babies!  🙂

Power of the Flower


Lately, I’ve been experimenting with textures and filters.  The two photographs below have some of this work in them.  As people leaned in close to examine them, they kept asking if they were photographs or paintings.  My manager (aka my proud husband) was happy to explain.  I have to learn to stick around and answer questions about my process.  For some reason, I slunk away, in a fit of shyness.  🙂

Power of the Flower


I received a lot of nice comments.  I even received a couple of these!  🙂



Thank you to the Markeim Art Center.  The perfect place to show my stuff!

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