Hyacinth: The Most Beautiful Fragrance in the World

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For me, there are so many lovely flower scents, but Hyacinth is right at the top. I’ve searched, but no manufactured scent comes close, so during this brief window in Spring, my home is full of Hyacinth plants and cut flowers.

Pink Hyacinth 1

Hyacinth flowers bring the promise of Spring when everything else is brown and gray. Their unmistakable green leaves poke through the earth around the time daffodils bloom, soon to be followed by blooms and the heavenly scent of Hyacinth flowers.


Pink Hyacinth 2



Pink Hyacinth 3


Legend has it that Hyacinthus, a greek god that Apollo swooned over, was killed when a flying disc that Apollo threw hit Hyacinthus in the forehead.  His drops of blood turned to Hyacinths when they hit the ground as a devastated Apollo wept.  (Those ancient Greeks were so romantic.)

Hyacinths arrived in Europe from Turkey around the same time as Tulip bulbs in the 1600s. While they may not have become as popular as Tulips, they did become a highly desirable plant with their bulbs fetching incredibly high prices.


Spring Hyacinth 1


Another type of Hyacinth is the Grape Hyacinth, also known as Muscari, which are shown below.  They’re sometimes called Bluebells.  Not hard to understand why.


Grape Hyacinth
Grape Hyacinth 2


My husband calls them Easter Flowers.  It has taken me years to convince him that they are actually called Hyacinth. But, he may be onto something.  You can buy them everywhere until Easter, and then they disappear.  

Enjoy them while you can!


Blue ~ Constancy

Purple ~ Sorrow or ‘Please Forgive Me’

White ~ Beauty or ‘Unobtrusive Loveliness’

Pink ~ ?



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