I’m a nature photographer who specializes in flower photography.   I connect us to the healing power of nature through the beauty of flowers.

Getting Started.

A great place to start is the Flower Gallery, where everything is organized by color, so it’s easy to look around.  Check out my Feature Flower or My Flower BlogOn my blog, I share my photography, explore different ideas about flowers, gardening, photography, books, and music.

Find out more About Me, and why I love flower photography. 

Or if you feel like shopping, you can visit the Flower Shop.  In the Shop, you can find a New Additions section. Plus, for some reason, the pages load faster in the shop, so head over there if it’s slow in the gallery.

You can order a gallery-wrapped print directly from my store.  Or, if you have something specific in mind, drop me an email and I can custom-make something for you.


I hope you enjoy my photography.  It is my hope that it opens something up in you – maybe a moment of joy, or peace, or reflection.  Maybe it will be the urge to create your own art.  Or, maybe it will be the urge to go for a walk, or visit a garden, or maybe it will just be the reminder to sit in your own garden and feel the magic of beauty all around you.  Or maybe you’ll just see a beautiful flower and see it in a different way.  

If you’d like to chat, please leave a comment anywhere on the site or contact me directly.   You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest.  To sign up for my mailing list, go here.

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