The Power of Flowers to Boost Your Mood

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The Magical Power of Flowers This afternoon, my friend Ray told me about the magical power of giving flowers as gifts. He and his wife Estelle volunteer at a women’s prison and regularly bring flowers as gifts for the women. He said that the women treat the flowers differently from other gifts they receive. They … Read More

Photographing Orchids – A Story

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As a flower photographer, if you really wanted to, you could just focus on orchids. There are so many types — shapes, colors, sizes, history, meaning. I haven’t researched orchids in particular, but I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind every single variety. That’s what I’ve come to learn about flowers … there’s always a … Read More

Top 7 Ways to Care for Pointsettias

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  In the buying and giving frenzy that accompanies the Holiday Season, many of us end up with one or two Pointsettias around the house.  Here are some tips on caring for them. Enjoy a photo with each tip!   Caring for Pointsettias: 1. Place your Pointsettia in indirect light   2. Wait until the … Read More

How to Buy Pointsettias

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  Pointsettias have come a long way in the past few years.  Not long ago, they appeared for a couple of weeks around Christmas and then quickly lost their luster. With advances in different types of this plant, they appear earlier in the season and last longer than ever.    It’s the official flower of … Read More

New! Greeting Cards

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  I finally made them! People always tell me I should make calendars and greeting cards with my flower photography.  So, I’m finally doing it!  There are three different styles right now.   Zinnias This photograph is one of my favorites. Radiant Zinnias bursting forth with color and life. The message inside is, “The more we … Read More

Finding What We’re Looking For

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At first we walk right on by. During one of my Longwood Gardens outings last Spring, I came upon garden beds filled with blue Anemone. There’s nothing like coming out of a long winter and feasting your eyes upon a sea of deep blue, almost purple, Anemone.  But, they’re not huge, dazzling flowers, and I … Read More

The 2015 Flower Calendar is Here!

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If you’re looking for a simple way to add color to your home next year, here’s a wall calendar full of flowery goodness. I’ve hand-picked photographs that are special to me, and I tried to match the right photo to what’s needed each month.     Images included in the calendar Winter: If you remember last winter (something … Read More

Gorgeous Dahlias — Divas of the Flower World.

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They steal the show. It isn’t hard to understand why Dahlias are called the Divas of the flower world.  They’re vibrant, astonishingly beautiful blooms.     They don’t hold back. Today, I invite you to take a moment to look into the face of a Dahlia. Once a wound up ball, it unapologetically opens when … Read More

I’m feeling the call to do … something

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    I’m feeling the call to do … something I am going through a transformation of some sort.  It began years ago with an aching for something more in my life, and believe me, I was already having a pretty good life. I was sensing that I needed to fulfill a deeper potential for … Read More