Feature Flower

Every once in awhile (well, quite often actually), a flower comes across my path that deserves a little special attention.  I’m going to highlight it here in the Feature Flower section.


Hydrangea Flower


To find out more about Hydrangeas, read my blog post, Hydrangea (clever header, I know).  Want to change the color of your Hydrangea?  It can be done, if you’re motivated.  Also, included are pruning tips.  Or how about a trick that rejuvenates wilting Hydrangea blossoms after you pick them — click here and scroll down to the ‘Cut Flower Tip’ at the bottom of the post.

In the gallery, you can find a beautiful purple macro shot, or a blue macro shot.  Or you can go to the Shop and use the search bar in the top, right corner beside ‘checkout’ and search ‘hydrangea’.

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