I have come to love Zinnias.  They were completely under my radar until last year, and now I see them everywhere.  There are many different kinds, heights, colors, but they all have one thing in common – they’re beautiful!


Red Zinnia Flower


The 5 Reasons:

  1. They’re low maintenance:  Just water and keep them in full sun.  Good quality soil produces better Zinnia blooms.  As a native of Mexico, they like a hot climate, so check your hardiness zone before planting.
  2. Birds and butterflies love them:  Your garden comes alive with butterflies and bees when Zinnias are around.
  3. You snip. They grow:  If you want more blooms, cut the spent blooms off above the leaves and more blooms will grow.
  4. Every color but blue, any height:  There are so many varieties of Zinnias that you can find the right ones to fit your garden — from tall to plant behind other flowers, to low border flowers.  With so many colors, it’s easy to match the colors in your garden.
  5. Blooms all Summer and into Fall:  I planted mine in late Spring and they are going strong, even at the height of the summer heat. They will bloom until the first frost, outlasting many other flowers in your garden.



Purple Zinnia Flower


Low Maintenance is Good!

Zinnias don’t require much work.  As long as you cover the basics, you should have plenty of blooms:

  • Don’t crowd them when you plant them
  • Water regularly, especially when it’s hot
  • Cut off old blooms and new ones will grow
  • They aren’t heavy feeders, but they like it if you fertilize them a couple of times during the growing season (which lasts from late spring until frost)
  • You can grow them in a garden or in a container.  If you’re using a container, make sure they get enough water.




Photographing Zinnias

These photographs are from cut Zinnias that I purchased.  I used a macro lens for the close-ups because I think that’s where the magic is in these flowers.  I love, when the flower opens up, that there is a garland of tiny yellow flowers within the larger flower.  They’re a surprise that you might not notice if don’t get really close.


Multi-colored zinnia flowers



Mal de Ojos

A native of Mexico, they were once thought to be so unattractive that they were called ‘mal de ojos’, ‘sickness of the eye’.  Those days are over.  With the plethora of colors, shapes, and sizes, no one would say that now.


Vibrant Orange Zinnia








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