If you’re looking for a simple way to add color to your home next year, here’s a wall calendar full of flowery goodness. I’ve hand-picked photographs that are special to me, and I tried to match the right photo to what’s needed each month.




Images included in the calendar


Winter: If you remember last winter (something we we’d rather forget!), we all needed some bright colors to get us through, so I chose bright vibrant Zinnias, deep blue Anomone, and beautiful pink Tulips.

Spring: I chose flowers that represent the blossoming of a new, warm season: Muscari, Snow Drops, and Poppies.

Summer:  For summer, I chose Cone Flowers, a single orange Gladiola, and a bright red Zinnia.

Fall: Enjoy a pretty pink Lysianthus, a macro shot of a textured blue Hydrangea, and some unusual pink Poinsettias.


Month-by-Month View of the Calendar

Printed on premium glossy card stock. The photo is 8.5 x 11″.  




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