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Spring at Longwood Gardens Part 2

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The theme of this post is ‘Color’!

For me, the most exciting time of the year is when color appears in Spring.  These tiny yellow buds really pop against the green background.




Cherry Blossoms waving in the wind.



I really can’t get enough Tulips this year! 



Daffodils / Narcissus.  


Siberian Squill. 



Forsythia.  One of my favorite Spring colors.  It’s like these plants are in disguise all year, and then in Spring, they appear out of nowhere, brightening the landscape.  (I like the four green leaves lined up on the branch.)



I took this one standing under a tree and looking out as the branches, laden with flowers, waterfalled around me.



I added a little texture to the background of this magnificent display of purple.

Pink Spring Blossoms 2


Enjoying a stroll in the warm Spring air, after a long cold winter.


Spring at Longwood Gardens

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Spring at Longwood Gardens

Spring is incredible at Longwood Gardens.  Every week, there’s something new to see.  This year, the Tulips, in particular, were spectacular.


Purple and Pink Tulips



Tulips and Longwood Gardens 2014


Pink and Yellow Tulips


A garden of Foxgloves!  This was so beautiful.  My camera didn’t quite capture the magnificence and serenity of this hidden alcove.

Foxglove Flower Garden at Longwood Gardens



Foxwood Flowers at Longwood Gardens


There are so many varieties of Daffodils (or Narcissus).  No matter what they’re called, I find them so difficult to photograph.  I’m not exactly sure why they’re such a challenge, but this lovely white variety danced in the breeze before me, and I had to try.  The white is a little too bright, but what I wanted to capture was how soft and alluring they are.  I think I got a bit of that feeling with this photograph.


White Daffodils at Longwood Gardens


Back to the Tulips!  What a joy to turn the corner and see this!


Longwood Tulip Garden


Yellow Tulips at Longwood Gardens



Purple and White Tulips at Longwood Gardens



Spring Tulips at Longwood Gardens


I hope you enjoy this virtual stroll through the gardens.  More to come!




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